September 15, 2009

In your face: Smashbox!

Hey Beauties!!

Lately I've been collecting an extraordinary number of products by Smashbox, so I've divided my stash into groups, starting with products for your face!

The first face product I tried in the Smashbox line was the High Definition Healthy FX Foundation, $38 at I got it as part of a purchase of the Master's Class Vol. 3 Complexion Perfection-Light. I like this foundation because it goes on smoothly and has good for your skin Vitamin C even though it is a bit less pigmented than the Make Up For Ever HD foundation. The color in this set, Light L3 is a bit dark for my skin, maybe L2 or L1 would be better...guess I'd better get myself over to Sephora to find out!

Oddly enough, while the foundation in this set is too dark, the Camera Ready Concealer 3.0 is a bit too light! The concealer is pretty good if you don't have circles in the heavy duty class like mine...there wouldn't be enough in the tube to cover mine!! Good creamy texture though!

One of my favorites in this set is the Photo Op Under Eye Brightener. This stuff really does perk up my eyes and helps to reflect light away from my under eye bags and circles! Bravo!! You just pat this luminescent liquid in the under eye area ON TOP of concealer. Magic!!

After my experience with the makeup artist video during my Arbonne makeup demonstration (see the blog in the archives), I've finally put the next product to good use: Pressed Powder/Bronze Lights Duo in Fair/Light (Bronze Lights is sold on its own for $28 at Sephora). I've never had much use for bronzers...I always thought they looked too fake, or if they were shimmery, too shiny. The makeup lesson demonstrated contouring using bronzer, so I've been working the contouring using this matte bronzer and I really like it! It is the perfect color for my warpaint stripes here!

The next two face products are from a Smashbox set I purchased on QVC. They have several makeup lines on their website ( and have some exclusive items in each line. If you haven't looked there, check it out!

The first product from that set is the whole reason why I ordered it in the first place: HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder. This is my Holy Grail of powder foundations! It has a shaver to freshly shave off the silky, buildable coverage powder. My face feels soft and hydrated, not tight or dry in any way! In fact my complexion was nearly flawless! Definitely a keeper, $59 at Does the price seem steep? Compare the price of HALO at $59 for .75 oz to Bare Minerals at $28 for .2 oz: HALO is $78.6 per ounce; Bare Minerals is $140 per ounce! Surprise!

The last product was another one of those that I wasn't sure I'd have a use for. The Soft Lights powder ($28 at Sephora) in Illuminate is a highlighter powder with four colors of powder to swirl together. Using the contouring and highlighting tips from the Arbonne demonstration, I'm using this and the bronzer every day! It isn't too glittery-shimmery (you know how I hate glitter!!) and it gives just the right amount of light where it is applied.

Of course I love and use the Artificial Light that I wrote about last week in my favorite things and I love the Photo Finish Foundation Primer, primarily because a combo version of these two items was included in the Complexion Perfection set. It was a nice idea to put them in a tube with another tube inside of that, so that they could be squeezed out together, but in reality the ratio was always different depending on how hard it was squeezed. Now I just have separate bottles and mix in my hand...same effect!

Smashbox really has an outstanding line of foundations and face products. I encourage you to try them! One of the other highlights of the line is that the compacts, if they have a solid or half solid lid have mirrors inside! I like that I can take a compact with me and not have to worry about how to see the application.

Next time: Pretty Peepers by Smashbox!

Until then, Stay Beautiful!



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