August 13, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Lip Gloss...

Welcome to FOTD (Face Of The Day for you newbies)! I am obsessed with makeup and skincare in general, probably sparked by my 40th birthday mid-life crisis. I am in search of the perfect products, from wrinkle cream to lip gloss. Of course product performance is subjective...everyone can have a different experience. All I can give you is my opinion of the latest product, trend or technique. Here goes:

I recently made an impulse purchase (I think this is the only kind involving lip gloss) of Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Full Color in Raquel. It is a shimmery brown/beige lip color/gloss with plumping properties. Now in the interest of full disclosure, I already own the same brand/type of lip color/gloss in Vanessa and Carmen, but I'll share the differences.

When I first purchased this particular brand/type of lip gloss, I really loved the texture, the color and the staying power and I still do. What I did not like was the applicator brush. Lip gloss is typically simple to apply, but this stuff is packed with color, so it is more like applying lipstick. The brush was just too imprecise, held too much product and got weird when you put it back in the tube and one or more of the bristles got stuck going the wrong way. I still used the product, but cussed that stupid brush. But that has all changed with my recent purchase.

The company has replaced that nasty brush with a doe foot applicator and this is me applauding! Much less product, more controlled and no wayward bristles to put stray marks on your face! They also made the fragrance/flavor better: more vanilla to go with the minty finish. My boyfriend, who is all honesty loves it when I wear almost any lip color/gloss LOVES this one! He first tasted it when I kissed him goodbye and it made him think of me the rest of the day!

I love the color of this one too...I was in the market for more nude colors and this one is really pretty. I have fairly pigmented lips, so the usual pale shades look like a mask on my lips. This stuff is just dark enough but not too pink and lots of shimmer, not glitter.

Let me know what you think if you try it! I'm thinking of trying some more colors and maybe the new eyeliner brown liner is starting to flake.

Until next time,



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